Is that guitar you bought collecting dust?

Struggling with YouTube videos or people trying to teach you without a curriculum or strategy and having no idea what they’re doing? 

I have a lesson strategy designed for adults that can take the guitar from being a plank of wood to a lifelong friend. 

This Is Peter 

When this video was taken…

He had only been taking lessons for 8 months with almost no prior experience on guitar.

This is him comfortably playing barred chords grooving a long a to a drum track like a pro!

(Barred chords are often a huge wall for beginner guitarists and a place where they give up altogether)

This is Jason

He’d never held a guitar before this

This is him after 11 lessons

Strumming chords to a drum machine like he’d been doing for years!

Schedule a discovery call, We can talk over Zoom. With guitars in hand face to face, I can answer any questions and we can see what the best strategy is for your guitar-playing dreams!